Top manager of Roscosmos killed in jail


The executive director of Roscosmos Vladimir Evdokimov died of stab wounds in a Moscow jail. A month ago he was transferred from a special block with video surveillance to an ordinary block.

According to Yevdokimov’s cellmates, they found his body in the restroom.

“The door to the restroom was locked from inside, they tried to talk to him, pulled the door. Blood was flowing from under the door,” quotes member of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow Ivan Melnikov the words of the cellmates.

“The jail management install surveillance cameras, but slowly, as soon as money is allocated, and most of the cells do not have video surveillance. Before the incident he (Yevdokimov) was in the special block, and we could look after him,” Melnikov said.

Yevdokimov has been in jail since early December by decision of the Moscow Basmanny Court during investigation on a crime from 10 years ago: fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) in the amount of 200 million rubles with property of the aircraft-building corporation MiG.