Putin signed law on restricting broadcasting from courts


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that was previously approved by both chambers of Russian parliament. It gives judges the right to restrict broadcasting from court sessions.

The corresponding document was published on the official internet portal for legal information.

The bill, that was adopted by the State Duma (the lower chamber of Russian parliament – RRT) in three readings, amends the Code of Criminal Procedure, and makes broadcasting of an open court session on the Internet possible only with the permission of the judge. The amendments were made to Articles 257 and 259 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which describe the regulations and the protocol of a court session.

The right of journalists to broadcast open court sessions to the Internet was established in 2012 by a resolution of the plenum of the Supreme Court. The resolution says that the judge can not limit this right.

Commenting on the introduction of amendments, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State-Building Lyudmila Bokova said that the restrictions do not apply to text broadcasts, but it is impossible to unequivocally interpret the text of the law.

Source: newkaliningrad.ru