USA issued ultimatum to Russia on Syria


The head of the U.S. Department of State Rex Tillerson issued an ultimatum to Russia because of the support that Moscow provides to the Syrian regime.

According to the Secretary of State, Russia must make a choice between “the U.S. and like-minded countries against Syria, or embrace Iran, militant group Hezbollah, and the embattled Mr. Assad.”

“We want to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people,” Tillerson said. “Russia can be a part of that future and play an important role. Or Russia can maintain its alliance” with Syria and Iran.

Earlier on April 11th British Prime Minister Teresa May in a conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump agreed that there is now a “window of opportunity” to persuade Russia to sever relations with Assad.

Tillerson is visiting Moscow on April 11-12th. He will hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov could not confirm whether the meeting between the Secretary of State and Russian President Vladimir Putin would be held in the near future.

On the night of April 7th the United States attacked the Syrian airfield Shayrat. The order to release 59 cruise missiles was given by the U.S. President Donald Trump. The missile strike was a response to a government forces’ use of chemical weapons in the province of Idlib.

Source: Lenta.Ru