Pentagon: Missile launched by North Korea exploded shortly after launch


Spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command David Benham said that the missile launched from North Korea on Sunday night was not intercontinental, and exploded in the air almost immediately after the launch.

David Benham spoke with journalists a few hours after Seoul announced a new launch from the territory of North Korea. The representative of the Pacific Fleet confirmed South Korea’s information about the launch.

“The command of the U.S. Pacific Fleet detected and monitored the launch, happened at 11:21 Hawaiian time (9:21 pm GMT and 12:21 Moscow time),” Benham said.

“The launch took place from the site in Sinpo County, where the missile exploded almost instantly,” Reich said.

Another representative of the U.S. Army on condition of anonymity told the agency that American experts are inclined to the version that the launched missile was not intercontinental. Some experts believe that at the recent military parade in Pyongyang, new North Korean intercontinental missiles were shown, but there is no official confirmation of this.

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in a statement that the launch of the Korean missile was reported to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Pence on Sunday will start a 10 day visit to Asia. The first point of the tour will be the capital of South Korea Seoul.

North Korea and the United States in recent days have made a number of harsh statements against each other. North Korea has warned that it will respond to a possible nuclear strike from the U.S. by its own blow. President of the United States Donald Trump, in turn, promised to “solve the problem” of North Korea.

In early March North Korea launched four ballistic missiles, calling it a “rehearsal strike” against American bases in Japan. The launch aroused condemnation of the international community, the United States and Japan demanded the convening of the UN Security Council.

Three missiles fell into the sea in the exclusive economic zone of Japan. U.S. President Donald Trump said that the region has reached a “new level of threat”.

Kim Jong-un said that the country will soon test an intercontinental ballistic missile, which experts call a possible threat to the United States.

Source: BBC