Ukraine seized water supplies to occupied Crimea


Ukraine built a stationary concrete dam that blocks the North-Crimean canal, so it blocks water supplies from the mainland of Ukraine to the occupied peninsula.

There is another dam a few dozen kilometers to the north, but if it was used to block the water then the farms to the south from it that are at the Ukraine-controlled territory would suffer. To avoid that, water pressure was lowered, and farmers built a temporary dam made of bags with sand by themselves. Now a permanent dam replaced the temporary one, and water supplies to the farms will be sufficient to grow rice and wheat.

“We have confidence in the future now,” explained farmer Yuri Dudchenko.

The dam was erected in one year and cost 35 million hryvnia (approx. $1.3 million – RRT). It reliably cuts off the canal’s flow, not letting water into the occupied territory. Experts say that the work on the construction of a new dam will continue.

“The first stage is complete, but we will continue creating infrastructure around it. Winches, service rooms, security,” explained the chief engineer of the North-Crimean channel Vladimir Ohapka.

The new dam has a damper that can be opened at any time. Therefore, when the Crimea returns to Ukraine, 300 kilometers of the North-Crimean Canal will be filled with water again.