Constitutional Court of Moldova recognized illegal staying of Russian troops in Transnistria


The judges noted that about 11% of the country’s territory is occupied, and the Russian army has not been withdrawn from the Transnistrian region.

The court stressed that Moldova is a neutral country, and the principle of neutrality does not contradict its constitution and legislation. At the same time, the judges noted that “about 11% of the territory of Moldova is currently occupied, and the Russian army was not withdrawn from the Transnistrian region.”

The Constitutional Court also concluded that “the principle of neutrality does not prevent the participation of Moldova in peacekeeping operations and military exercises, aimed at increasing the army’s combat capability in order to ensure the security of the country.”

Two years ago, the Liberal Party of Moldova appealed to the Constitutional Court, demanding that the presence of Russian peacekeepers on the territory of Transnistria in unconstitutional.

Source: DW