Moldovan president Igor Dodon was the only foreign leader who visited Putin on Victory Day


Moldovan president Igor Dodon was sitting next to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Victory Day parade in Moscow’s Red Square.

After the parade, the heads of the two countried laid a wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall.

Dodon told news agency RIA Novosti about his intention to take part in the events dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory shortly before his arrival in Moscow. He said that in addition to participating in solemn events on May 9th, the next day he will meet with the chairman of the State Duma of Russia and “other officials.”

Dodon also noted that this is the first visit of Moldovan president to Moscow on the Victory Day in the last 15 years.

“For 15 consecutive years Moldovan presidents refused to visit Moscow on May 9th. I decided that this is important,” said Dodon.

According to Dodon, some veterans wanted to join the Moldovan delegation, but “for safety and health reasons” their relatives “asked them not to risk”.

Igor Dodon became the president of Moldova in November 2016. Back in 2014, when his Socialist Party participated in the parliamentary elections, Dodon had the support of Moscow. After becoming president, Dodon repeatedly stated the need to establish relations with Russia.

Source: RBC