U.S. Air Force conducts strike on Syrian pro-government forces


The U.S. Air Force attacked pro-government forces in Syria after they took action against pro-American forces.

This was reported by Reuters referring to a source in the U.S. administration.

According to the source, the strike was conducted after the convoy of a volunteer detachment, fighting on the side of the Damascus authorities, attacked an armed group supported by the USA.

The source noted that the U.S. military struck after the warning shots. The incident occurred near the city of al-Tanf in southern Syria near the border with Jordan. There is a base of the Syrian army located there.

A representative of the Syrian opposition said that as a result of the strike a convoy heading to this base was destroyed, and that there were troops of the Syrian government army and volunteer militants supported by Iran.

According to the Associated Press with reference to a representative of the U.S. administration, the United States can not yet say for sure whether the Syrian government military were among the attacked. The Pentagon has not yet commented on the information.

Source: TASS