Putin promised to send food to Venezuela


In a telephone conversation with the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to send food for residents of the Latin American country, where the economic and political crisis exacerbated.

It was reported by the Associated Press citing the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

According to the ministry, the Russian leader also promised to send several thousand tons of flour to Venezuela every month.

However, nothing is said about this agreement in the statement on the results of the talks between the leaders of the two countries on the Kremlin’s website.

As the agency notes, such help came to Maduro at a very difficult time. Currently, even the regional authorities of Venezuela began to distance themselves from Maduro, urging him to respect democratic norms.

According to the AP, flour is one of the rarest goods in Venezuela, and it is very difficult to find in food stores.

Source: news.mail.ru