Speaker of Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matvienko: Tribunal for MH17 crash is interference in Russia’s internal affairs


On Wednesday June 7th Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that creation of an international tribunal for the case of the crash of the flight MH17 over the Donbas in 2014 can be seen as an attempt to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs.

“As an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of our country we can also consider the initiative to establish an international tribunal in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing,” Matvienko said at a hearing in the Federation Council.

The crash of Boeing-777-200 (flight MH17) Malaysian Airlines occurred in the sky over Donbas on July 17ер, 2014. As a result of the crash, 298 passengers and crew members were killed. The incident was investigated under the aegis of the Netherlands Security Council (DSB). The published report states that the aircraft was shot down by the Buk anti-aircraft system.

Source: rns.online