U.S. State Department: We will support alternative to Minsk protocol in order to end war in Donbass


The United States authorities will support a new mechanism for settling the situation in the Donbas if it proves itself to be more effective than the Minsk Protocol.

On Thursday June 15th the U.S. State Department spokesman Heather Nauert announced Washington’s readiness to support an alternative agreement to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. This opinion was voiced during the briefing.

“We remain committed to the Minsk agreements. The various parties signed on to that, and so we continue to call upon those parties to honor those commitments. We are not satisfied with the progress in implementing the agreements. We are deeply disturbed by the escalating violence in Donbas. Now, the Secretary is somebody who consistently around this building talks about results. We just have not seen results that we would like to see from the Minsk agreements. We would like to see those countries honor and fully implement those agreements,” she said.

“Our objective on that matter remains the same. The objective is peace. We are not seeing that happen. We have some numbers, the United Nations has some numbers and some statistics about how the number of civilian deaths are up. We remain very concerned about the situation there. But to your question, the parties, if they were to come to some sort of an agreement on their own through some sort of different mechanism, and those parties could adhere to it and agree to it and it would be successful, I think that would be something that we would be open to supporting that,” she added.

At the same time, she stressed that the United States do not intend to lead the process, leaving it to the current parties of the agreement.

Source: dialog.ua