Russia says American planes over Syria are “air targets” now


After the incident with the downed Syrian fighter, Moscow announced that it was withdrawing from the memorandum on flight safety.

The Russian Ministry of Defense withdraws from the memorandum with the U.S. “On the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation during operations in Syria”, effective Monday June 19th. This was stated in the Russian Defense Ministry after the U.S. Air Force fighter shot down a Syrian military aircraft in the sky over Raqqa.

“Any flying objects, including planes and UAVs of the international coalition led by Washington, will be followed as ‘air targets’,” the Russian Defense Ministry explained.

The department claims that during the recent attack on the Syrian fighter, there were Russian aircraft in the air, carrying out combat missions. However, according to Moscow, “the command of the coalition forces did not use the existing communication channel” to “prevent incidents in the airspace of Syria.”

On June 18th an American F-16 fighter shot down a military plane of the Syrian government army near Raqqa. The plane bombed positions of opposition troops, supported by Washington. At the same time, the United States stated that their goal is not “to fight the Syrian regime, Russia or their supporting forces.”

Source: DW