USA might deploy troops in Ukraine


In the event of signing a security agreement between Ukraine and the United States, it will be possible to deploy U.S. military reserves on the territory of Ukraine.

It was told by Speaker of Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament – RRT) Andrey Parubiy.

“This agreement provides for special operations, joint scientific and technical developments, and even deployment of military reserves of the United States of America in Ukraine, which brings the cooperation between our countries to a new level,” he said.

The speaker noted that the practice of such agreements has long been used in the U.S.: such documents have been signed with Japan, Australia and Israel.

According to him, the agreement also provides a prerogative right to provide defensive lethal weapons.

According to Parubiy, this agreement does not deny Ukraine’s membership in NATO, but, on the contrary, will facilitate the acceleration of Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

He also expressed the opinion that the U.S. administration might decide to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine before the end of this year.