U.S. Congress introduced sanctions against Russia, toughest in 3 years


The bill was passed by a majority vote of 419 for, and only 3 votes against it. The document was supported by representatives of both Republican and the Democrats parties.

After the approval of the document in the House of Representatives, the bill will be sent to the Senate, and then to the President for signing. According to Donald Trump’s spokesman, he supports the tough course toward Moscow, but wants to make sure that the Americans make “the best deal.”

It is noted thought that the European companies that participate in large projects jointly with Russia will suffer losses from such measures.

Earlier it was reported that the EU plans to prepare retaliatory measures in response to the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions by the United States.

It was also noted that in the event of adoption, the new sanctions will become the largest since early 2014. For example, they will directly affect such an important project for Russia as Northern Stream-2, as well as other pipeline projects.

Source: dayonline.ru