WSJ: Pentagon and U.S. State Department developed plan to arm Ukraine


According to The Wall Street Journal citing U.S. officials, the Pentagon and the Department of State have developed a plan for supplying weapons to Ukraine, and are seeking approval from the White House.

According to U.S. military officials and diplomats, the supply of defensive weapons is intended for the prevention of Moscow’s aggressive actions in the east of Ukraine. At the same time, the decision on deliveries has not been made, and has not been discussed in the White House. U.S. President Donald Trump was not yet informed about the plan, and his position is unknown.

Also, in the WSJ noted that a representative of the press service of the Pentagon confirmed that the U.S. does not rule out the option of delivering lethal weapons. However, according to sources, the head of the Pentagon James Mattis has already approved the plan of supplies.

In addition, it was reported that, in accordance with the proposal of the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department, the plan is about possible supplies of anti-tank weapons, Javelin missiles, as well as anti-aircraft weapons. According to officials, the plan is to deploy weapons away from the demarcation line in order to limit the risks of escalation of the conflict.

Previously it was reported that the USA spent over $600 million to train the Ukrainian army since 2014. In addition, within the framework of the work of the United Multinational Group, 7 battalions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been trained, and another battalion is currently being prepared.