Poland claims it found traces of explosion on Kaczynski’s Tu-154 crashed in 2010


Polish government sub-commission investigating the circumstances of the presidential Tu-154M plane crash near Smolensk on April 10, 2010, announced the discovery of traces of an explosion on the left wing of the aircraft.

This was reported by the press service of the sub-commission.

“The destroyed left wing of the Tu-154M bears signs of an explosion,” the sub-commission’s press service said in a statement commenting on its recent meeting held on July 25.

The report does not specify whether traces of any explosives have been found, and no assumptions were made about what could have caused the explosion.

Correspondent of Ekho Moskvy (The Echo of Moscow – RRT) in Poland Vaclav Radzivinovich believes that the decision of the commission is very politicized.

The fragments of the Tu-154M are currently in Russia. There were no recent reports about any new studies of fragments of the fuselage.

Source: echo.msk.ru