Trump signed new strategy on Afghanistan


As reported by Fox News with a reference to a high-ranking official, president of the United States Donald Trump signed a document on a new strategy for Afghanistan.

According to the initiative, 4,000 U.S. servicemen will additionally be sent to the country.

Such a decision Trump made on August 19th after his meeting with American generals and military commanders.

According to Fox News, the United States intends to also involve India and Pakistan in resolution the situation in Afghanistan.

At the moment, there are 8,400 American servicemen on the territory of Afghanistan. According to USA Today, all of them are there for the training and guidance of local military, without playing a “direct battle role”.

In August 2017, USA Today reported that Trump‘s administration plans to transfer most of the U.S. actions in Afghanistan to private contractors. The Afghan military will be advised by 5,500 former employees of special forces units. In addition, it was planned to create a private air fleet of 90 aircraft.

In response, the Taliban demanded Trump to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.