Female police officer detained in Moscow for prostitution


A prostitute, that was detained in the Russian capital, turned out to be an actual policewoman.

As reported by media citing a source in law enforcement agencies, the detention took place on Bolshaya Ordynka Street.

The prostitute born in 1985 was taken to a police department, where during the search an official ID of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was found among the seized items.

The check that was performed showed that the woman is indeed a police officer, and she did not deny it herself.

Last year, another woman, an employee of the Internal Affairs Directorate on the Moscow Metro was fired with a scandal. Earlier, a video was published on the Internet, showing the woman performing an erotic dance, and then calling on colleagues to join the police union and protest against the current reward system in the police.

After the dismissal, the woman signed a contract with the head of the Strip Club Association of Russia, and took part in the reality show.

Source: MK