Russia got to 3rd place by number of new cases of AIDS


This was stated by the director of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for AIDS Prevention and Control (Federal AIDS Center) Boris Pokrovsky.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, 17,500 people died of AIDS last year. Given that last year there was an increase of more than 10% of HIV-infected people, this year 20,000 people will die, or even more.

The most severe situation with the spread of HIV infection has developed in the Urals, in the Volga region and in Siberia. According to the latest data, more than 50% of cases of infection were through heterosexual contacts. The number of infections among homosexual men in Russia is about 1-2% of the total number of cases.

“Now we have about 900,000 Russian citizens who have HIV infection, and they have not died yet,” says Pokrovsky. “Over a million cases have been registered, but 250,000 have died over 30 years of observation. In order to stop people dying from AIDS, it is necessary that everyone gets the proper therapy. But at the moment the budget allows us to treat about 300,000 people. Therefore, only those who have the poorest immunity indices are being treated now. Naturally, this is what creates the main problem. Almost everywhere there are only drugs for a certain number of patients. Newly infected people arrive, for example last year about 100,000 of new cases of HIV infection were registered, and then, of course, a disproportion appears between those in need of treatment and the planned budget for drugs.”

According to Pokrovsky, the budget of the Russian Federation does not provide any increase in funding for HIV infection until 2019.