Russian hacker arrested in Spain says he worked for Putin’s party ‘United Russia’


Russian hacker Peter Levashov, who was arrested in Spain on U.S. warrant, said that he had previously worked in the party “United Russia”.

“I collected various information about opposition parties, and gave it to the right people at the right time,” the defendant said during a court session in Madrid.

He also reported to the court that he was an officer of the Russian army with access to classified information, and “worked in the United Russia party for the past 10 years.”

Levashov expressed his fears that he would be “tortured and killed” if he gets extradited to the United States.

“If I get to the United States, I will die in a year. They want information about the military nature and the United Russia party,” he said. “They will torture me, in a year they will kill me, or I’ll kill myself.”

Peter Levashov was arrested while being on vacation in Barcelona in April this year. The US prosecutor’s office later accused him of committing hacker attacks. Levashov was charged with the use of a network of tens of thousands infected computers for cyber-criminal purposes.