Russian Minister of Culture Medinsky can be deprived of scientific degree


The Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Russia recommended that the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky be deprived of the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences.

This is reported by one of the applicants for the deprivation of Medinsky’s degree Ivan Babitsky.

The decision was taken in spite of the conclusion of the dissertational council, which had previously ruled that there was no reason to deprive Medinsky of scientific degree. A source in the expert council said that the decision was made with the wording “unscientific”. 17 members of the council voted for the deprivation, 3 were against, and one abstained.

Now the decision needs to be approved by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science.

“Neither in theory, nor in practice is there a slightest chance that the ministry does not issue such an order [for the deprivation of the degree]. Unless Medinsky mines the HAC building, or pours gasoline on it and burns it, he will, of course, be deprived of his degree in a short time,” said Andrei Zayakin, one of the founders of the Dissernet movement which investigates dissertations for plagiarism.

Meanwhile, scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov said that “this is just a recommendation, it has no consequences, everything will be decided on the next level: at the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission.”