Russian military ‘exterminated and wounded’ in explosion at checkpoint in Syria


Several Russian military personnel were killed and wounded after an improvised explosive device detonated near the Russian base of Khemeymim in Syria. This was reported by one of the resources of the Syrian rebels.

A military convoy of the Russian Federation was passing through the checkpoint of the Syrian government forces at the time of the explosion.


According to Russian blogger Anatoly Nesmiyan (nickname El Murid), who is a Middle East expert, there is a certain “brigade of special operations” beyond the explosion.

“The belonging of the ‘brigade’ is still unknown, but most likely we are talking about our ‘moderate partners’. Latakia, by the way, is full of these ‘partners’ despite convincing and unshakable victories over international terrorism, so it is hard to say who exactly staffed this ‘special operations brigade’,” he wrote on his page in LiveJournal.

According to him, “the blast occurred near the small local airport of Jabl, and an airplane was damaged, perhaps even Russian. In the published photos from the site of the diversion you can see smoke, blood on the ground, so something has clearly happened here”.