Russian Ministry of Defense shows screenshots of mobile game as ‘irrefutable evidence” of U.S. cooperating with ISIS


On November 14th, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a screenshot from mobile game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron as “an irrefutable evidence” of U.S. cooperation with the Islamic state.

“The Ministry of Defense of Russia publishes an irrefutable evidence of the United States providing cover for combat-capable ISIS units, to use them in defending American interests in the Middle East,” the tweet said.

Later the post was deleted. Internet media Meduza captured and published a screenshot.


The same pictures appeared on the official Facebook page of the Ministry, later they were also deleted.

The research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) noted on Twitter that the images presented by the Russian Defense Ministry as a militants convoy moving towards the Syrian-Iraq border on November 9th is in fact a screenshot from the game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.

The CIT noted that other images were taken from a video of the Iraqi Defense Ministry, showing actions of Iraqi Air Force against the terrorists of ISIS near Fallujah in June 2016.