Putin: Russian business should get ready to start working in ‘war mode’


Russian resident Vladimir Putin said that all major Russian enterprises, whether private or public, should be ready for a quick transition to ‘war mode’, and to production of military goods.

According to Putin, “the ability of the economy to rapidly increase the amounts of defense products and services at the right time is one of the most important conditions for ensuring the military security of the country. All strategic and other large enterprises should be ready for this, regardless of the form of ownership.”

The president expressed this opinion during the meeting on the issues of the military-industrial complex, recalling that he had already instructed about “modernization of production capacities, creating a reserve of material and technical resources, and the provision of transportation of troops” in the previous two years.

At the end of the meeting, according to Putin, its participants will have to make “notes for the future.”

The reason for the presidential statements were the joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus West-2017 that took place in September 2017. NATO expressed concerns about the aggressive nature of those war games, but Russia rejected these suspicions.

Source: MK