Media: For the period of 2012 to 2016 Russia lost 2,642 troops


Newspaper Vedomosti found the data on losses of Russian military for the last few years in the documents of the bidding for insurance of servicemen in 2018-2019. These data have not been disclosed by the Ministry of Defense since 2010.

The causes of deaths were not indicated, but it is known that in 2012 the army lost 630 people, 596 in 2013, and 626 soldiers died in 2015.

It was noted that in 2014, during the period of active hostilities in Ukraine, 790 military personnel died, and this is the largest figure in recent years.

The figures in the documents refer to all categories of servicemen. It also includes any cause of death: illness, murder, suicide, accidents, including on exercises, and combat losses.

The Ministry of Defense stopped publishing official data on the losses of the Russian army in 2010. In 2008, the losses amounted to 471 people, 478 in 2009, and 470 people in 2010.