Head of Tax Inspectorate fired for tax evasion


According to the prosecutor’s office of the Krasnodar Territory, the head of the inter-district inspection of the Federal Tax Service of the city of Sochi was fired in connection with major tax evasion.

It was established that the official had undeclared income.

“The head of the tax inspection received additional income from renting apartments to vacationers, and he avoided paying taxes,” said the prosecutor’s office spokesman.

He specified that the total area of ​​the rented premises was 700 square meters (approx. 7,500 square feet – RRT).

“The official has already been fired. Measures are being taken to reimburse tax debts to the budget,” the press service noted.

It was not specified whether additional measures will be taken against him.

This is not the first such case in the Krasnodar Territory. According to the prosecutor’s office, since the beginning of the year, 65 government and municipal employees have been deprived of their posts, hiding their incomes by almost 300 million rubles (approx. $5 million – RRT).

Source: Lenta.Ru