Villagers of Irkutsk region complain about shortage of food


Residents of the Katanga district of the Irkutsk region complained to the head of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs about the shortage of the most necessary products.

They asked to check how local officials used the money allocated for the delivery of food.

“At present, all the grocery stores lack canned meat and fish, flour, sugar, salt, cereals, pasta, vegetable oil, butter, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. For more than a month we are ordering food products from Irkutsk and Kirensk, and ask passengers flying by air bring them to us in their baggage,” quotes newspaper Baikal Info.

Products to the Katanga district are normally brought by airplanes, and air carriers receive subsidies for transportation costs. In their letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the residents of the district noted that authorities should control the delivery. The authorities, in turn, reported that a sufficient number of products have been delivered to the region.

In late November, it was reported that residents of the village of Troitse-Orlovka in the Ryazan region were left without food supplies. The only store in the village has been closed since summer. People had to go shopping in a store 12 kilometers from the village.

Source: Lenta.Ru