Davutoglu: Turkey will protect Aleppo from Russia


Turkey will protect the Syrian city of Aleppo from all enemies: not only from the dictator Bashar al-Assad, but from Russia and Iran as well. As reported by Anadolu, this was said by the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu during his speach at a meeting of the parliamentary fraction of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

“Aleppo, that has been in our hearts, and a part of our civilization for centuries, is on fire, and the world just observes, – said Davutoglu. – And now, fulfilling our historic duty, we will defend Aleppo for the name of Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras and Sanliurfa” (cities in southern Turkey, near the Syrian border – Ed). The Turkish Prime Minister has also assured: “We know exactly where each bomb fell dropped by Russia”.

On the situation in Aleppo and Syria in general, Davutoglu said that “since the Second World War, mankind has never seen so much violence and grief”. He expressed admiration for the courage of the Syrians. “This nation confronts the regular army for 5 years – emphasized Prime Minister of Turkey – Drum bombs and weapons of mass destruction are used against Syrians, but they do not surrender”.

Davutoglu also said that “the heart of Turkish people is much bigger than the budgets of the whole world”. “It’s people who have been helping two and a half million fellow Syrians for 5 years, – said the prime minister. – There wasn’t, and there isn’t any xenophobia, or hostility to refugees in Turkey”.

However, Davutoglu did not specify how Turkey intends to protect Aleppo from Assad, Russia and Iran.

Assad’s regime started to attack Aleppo in recent days. The ground forces of the dictator are covered from the air by the Russian aviation. After the offensive started, in one single day from February 4th to 5th the number of Syrian refugees trying to cross the border with Turkey has almost doubled – from 20 to 35 thousand people .

Relations between Moscow and Ankara have deteriorated sharply in November, when Turkey shot down a Russian warplane that trespassed Turkish airspace. Ankara has repeatedly accused Moscow in attacks on settlements of Syrian Turkmens, related to the Turks. Turkey also considers unacceptable Moscow’s desire to bring representatives of Kurdish groups to inter-Syrian negotiations. Ankara fears that in such a case Kurdish separatism in Turkey will activate.

Source: Grani.Ru