Navalny promised immunity for Putin in case of the transfer of power


The politician Alexei Navalny said that in the event of a change of power in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family shall be guaranteed inviolability.

“I think that the inviolability of Putin and his family should be guaranteed, and this should be an important condition for the power transit. If he is ready to give up his power sooner or later, then the inviolability must be guaranteed and obeyed,” said Navalny.

He stressed that the immunity should not apply to “Sechin, Rotenberg, etc.”

“Otherwise, why would we change anything if these people are left alone with their illegal billions, and left at the places where they continue to control the economy?” added the politician.

In his opinion, those politicians and businessmen who are suspected of corruption “should be judged fairly by the court, preferably by a jury.”